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IGP-Motor Dirt Bike Handlebar 28mm Fatbar 0101-T003 Chinese Supplier Hotsale Product

IGP-Motor Dirt Bike Handlebar 28mm Fatbar 0101-T003 Chinese Supplier Hotsale Product

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This oversized handlebar features GEICO sticker, which fits various dirt bikes, like KTM, Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki hotsale dirt bikes. Diameter of clamping position 28mm, 1 1/8". Diameter of control ends 22mm. Greatly anodized surface, not only efficiently prevent from erosion, but also the bright color will last at least 1 year. Because of its high strength, reliablity, price efficience and special outlook, this dirt bike handlebar fatbar is liked by many dirt bike players around the world.

The profiled wall and braceless design combines excellent strength with good flexiblity.

Available color: Black, green, red, blue, gold, etc.


Founded in 2011, located in Jiangmen, Guangdong Province, IGP-Motor is a professional Chinese manufacturer of CNC aluminum motorcycle spare parts . With the strong R&D strength, advanced equipments, professional technical Engineers, serious quality control, we have quickly become one of the foremost leaders in the motorcycle parts industry. Now we're supplying parts to motorcycle factories: Wangye, Daye, Tianyi, Qingqi, Zongshen, Shenke, etc. And Zongshen applies our parts in Piaggio, Aprilia motorcycles.

Once you feel interested in any motorcycle performance spare parts, please let us know.

As a professional factory, we have our own R&D team , our engineers have been in motorcycles industry for 15 or even more years, we are confident to help you with new products. No matter what special requirements you have, we have confidence and strength to satisy your needs. In recent months, we have developed cafer racer style turn signal, Suzuki touring motorcycle engine guard, etc.

Our products range: aluminum handle bar, brake lever, clutch lever, handle bar clamp, handle bar balance bar, kick starter, engine decoration cover, footrest, etc. Our main market: Europe, North and South America, Southeast Asia, etc.

Now we can supply various performance motorcycle parts, and still continually developing new products. Once you can’t find the parts you want, please feel free to contact us.

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